Supply Chain Architecture

Supply Chain Industry Reference Architecture offers a comprehensive, top-level perspective on an exemplary supply chain ecosystem. It encompasses all the elements contributing to the core supply chain functions of planning, production, and delivery.

Effective architecture design for the supply chain is paramount. It underpins precise planning, efficient inventory management, seamless collaboration with manufacturers, and the security of operations, including the smooth handling of return logistics. Each supply chain is unique, and while no two share identical architectures, there may be similarities in certain frameworks. Allow us to provide you with a foundational architecture that can be tailored and refined into a customized, exceptional supply chain structure.

This architecture of supply chain management usually accommodates various deployment models, including hybrid and multi-cloud setups, with a specific focus on key resource management aspects: orders, transportation, and supplier relations. Its contemporary perspective underscores the role of the supply chain network in orchestrating data flow among these critical resource areas, acting as a repository for transaction data, and facilitating advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and data science functionalities.